West Auckland weather forecast for the next 7 Days.             
New Zealand Time [ NZST ] = UTC + 12 Hours. ( NZST starts on the last Sunday in September and ends on the first Sunday in April ) All times used on this site uses the 24 Hour method to prevent ambiguity.
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 Mon. 8th. Feb.
Tues. 9th. Feb.
Wed. 10th. Feb.
Thu. 11th.  Feb.
Fri. 12th, Feb
Sat. 6th Feb.
Sun. 7th Feb.

AM. Cloudy.
PM. Mostly cloudy.

Cloudy with Light Showers.

  Mostly  Cloudy. with chance of drizzle patches.

Mostly cloudy.

Mostly cloudy, with showers.

Rain early, clearing around lunch time, partly cloudy afternoon.
Chance of Rain. Unlikely. Possible. Possible. Possible. Unlikely. High.. 
24 Hour Rainfall. < 0 mm. < 1 mm. < 5 mm. < 5 mm. < 7. mm. < 30 mm. < 3 mm.
Cloud cover % < 95 % < 60 %. < 95 % < 90 %. < 90 % < 60 % < 70%
Wind. Dir./ Speed E > NE. / Light. ENE. / Gentle. ENE.> SW. / Gentle.   SW.> NE. / Light.  NE / Moderate. ESE. > E. >ENE./ Moderate. E. > ENE. / Moderate..
Temp. High 26 26 24 23 25 28 27
Temp. Low 18 18 19 19 19 19 17

Data History.   Forecast last reviewed   @  1000 - Hours  6th.   Feb,  2016
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                                                            Dial output from Weather Station. Updated each 15 minutes.
Dial from station.

This is Rob's Blog, I will use it, to have a place to [1]  use the space to elaborate on matters WEATHER. and  [2]  Use some space to just sound off....?
 6/02/2016. ---Today's weather will be mostly overcast and likely some scattered showers,  I don't expect to see any significant  Rain until tomorrow. The weekend will not be conducive for outside  activity, if you are out on the roads be careful, as normal, the roads will have the worst drivers in the world on our roads, bent on killing themselves and take out everybody else on the roads.

I remind you that Weather Forecasts become less accuracy the further out from the present.  And where limb or life would depend on forecasts, Don't rely on forecasts too far forward.

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